Marissa Kitazawa | Pikadon | Early Work
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Pikadon | Early Work


Yoshiko Maime Ishida

Directed By

Marissa Kitazawa

SD, 5 mins, 2010

Documentary, Motion Graphics
About This Project

About the Project:

My maternal grandmother has always been a role model for me. She is generous, humble and kind. Growing up, I never knew about the hardships of her life until my US history class in high school. While her husband and my paternal grandparents were locked up in American Concentration camps during World War II, she was living in Hiroshima, Japan. The versions I learned in my history book were not the same stories my family told me.


It was her story and the creation of this piece back in my undergraduate career that I decided I wanted to pursue documentary filmmaking and share the unspoken stories like this one. This is a trilogy of documentaries and experimental animation that I created while at Pitzer College that explores her stories.