The Quare In There |Motion Graphics

Documentary, Motion Graphics

I was extremely excited when talented filmmaker, Taryn Lee Crenshaw reached out to me to design the motion graphics of her film. I wanted to create a vibrant and kinetic aesthetic that complemented the quirky music and artistic style of the film. I created an opening sequence, title sequence, lower thirds, inter-titles and credits.

About the Film

Shot in Oakland, California, The “QUARE” In There explores individuals whose lives demonstrate the value of complexity and self-definition. Roman–transman and LGBTQ advocate–defies the gender binary, while Brooklyn pushes its boundaries as a masculine-of-center woman. DJ Lady Ryan, Nenna, Sienna, and Ursula Rucker all explore the body, the voice, and movement through space as sources of liberation. With words, music, and everpresent style, TQIT pays homage to Black queer subjectivity.